Malfoozaat M.Ilyas - 2

Chapter Two

21 - One day after Fajr salaat, while encouraging the service and assistance of Deen, Maulana spoke in the following vein: Look! Everybody knows and believes that Allah is present at all times. Since Allah is present and seeing everything (Allah know everything), it therefore behoves the servants of Allah to be devoted and attached to Him. If a man becomes unmindful and turns away from Him and becomes devoted and attached to others besides Allah, then just think how unfortunate he is and what a great deprivation this is. Consider how much this can cause the wrath of Allah.

To be indifferent to the work of Allah's Deen and ignoring His commandments and engaging oneself totally in the Dunya (world) means that one has turned away from Him and attached and devoted oneself to others besides Allah. 0 Allah! Protect us. On the contrary, to be involved in the effort for Deen and to be obedient to His commandments means one is sincerely linked with Allah.

In this connection we should bear in mind that the more important and essential a matter is, in proportion to that, all the more attention should be devoted to it. This could be known through the beautiful example of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam). It is well known that most of the effort and hardship that Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) underwent was for spreading the Kalima (testification of Allah's unity) i.e. to link the slave to his Master and put him on His way. So this work will then receive priority and therefore this is the highest stage of being devoted and linked with Him.

22 - In one assembly he said: People have given lesser importance to their servitude (to the Creator) than their servitude and service to man. The slaves and servants of man are generally fully devoted to their employers to do the work they consider as their duty. Under the employers' instruction they run to and fro, not even concerned about their meals - whatever little comes to hand is consumed.

However, when it comes to man serving his Creator, then it is based on convenience. Most of the time he will be indulging in his own desires and sometimes he takes out time to do some work for Allah. For example, he may perform salaat and give some money in charity or do some other religious work. He now believes that he has fulfilled his duty to his Creator. 

The real service to Allah is a continuous and fundamental one - a person should always be serving his Master. It should only be a necessity and not the object to satisfy his thirst, hunger and other needs. (This does not mean that everyone should give up their means of livelihood but the object should be that whatever one engages in, should be for the sake of Allah and for serving His Deen. As far as one's eating and drinking is concerned, these should be of a mere incidental nature (by the way) just as an employee will be doing all this while his main interest will be to do his employer's work).

One day after a certain salaat which someone performed and then recited the following du'aa: 
" O Allah! Help those who help the Deen of Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) and forsake helping those who do not help the Deen of Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)."

On hearing this the Maulana loudly repeated the following words with painful voice thrice:
"O Allah! Do not Make us from amongst them, O Allah! Do not make us from amongst them, O Allah! Do not make us from amongst them".

Then he addressed those present thus: "Brothers! Reflect upon this du'aa and understand its importance. This is a du'aa as well as a curse which has been continuously made over the years in every age by the special servants of Allah. This is a weighty du'aa. It is a du'aa asking mercy and help for those who help the Deen but it is also a very severe la'nah (curse) for those who do not help the Deen, that Allah should deprive them of His mercy and help."

So every one should judge himself by this du'aa and see how far he conforms to it or is he a target of its curse. One must remember that to perform salaat, keep one's own fast, although being high forms of ibaadat (worship), are not means of assisting the Deen. Helping the Deen is that which is described in the Qur'aan and Hadith as 'Nusrah'. It's original form and accepted one is that which our Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) demonstrated and established. In these times it is necessary to make an effort to revive this method and system. To revive this method in this age would be the greatest service to Deen. May Allah give us all the guidance and opportunity to do so.    Ameen.

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